“A Lot Of Women Have It, Unfortunately.”

In the midst of reading an article about Sarah Palin (as much as I do try to avoid reading them!), I came across this quote from Heather McDonald, a “scholar” at the Manhattan Institute in reference to Palin’s “Mama Grizzlies” appeal.  McDonald complained about the “feminist stain” found even among conservative women, the article reports.

McDonald’s complaint, “A lot of [conservative] women have it, unfortunately.”

There are few statements that stop me cold in my tracks.  This was one of them.  It brought back the memory of a statement once made by Ann Coulter, that we’d “be a much better country, if women did not vote.”  

In this year of the 100th anniversary of Women’s Suffrage in Washington State, where I live, and the 90th anniversary federally, one wonders if this “scholar” has any appreciation for what her “feminist” ancestors went through allowing her to obtain an educational level to compete for her employment position, as well as giving her the ability to be employed beyond the “traditional roles” that once existed for women…teacher (but not of theology, medicine or law), nurse, or secretary.

Women’s Suffrage gave her, among others:

  • the right not only to vote – providing her representation in government (a right she had until 1777 when all states took away her right to vote); but
  • to participate in legislating those laws for which women are also subject to;
  • the right to have property not taken from her upon marriage, including any wages she might earn; and (although we are still working toward this)
  • equality in wages (passed in 1963);
  • the right to no longer be subjected to the power of a husband depriving her of her liberty and to administer punishment to her with impunity;
  • the right to be the guardian of her children upon divorce;
  • the right to tax her (if single, and the owner of) property without representation;
  • requiring that colleges admit her;
  • the right to make her own choices, rather than be subjected to those deemed appropriate by her spouse.

In other words, Ms. McDonald, you are who and where you are ONLY because of what these women did, and continue to do, so that they or future generations could have these rights.  Many of these women died before achieving those rights for themselves.  This movement began in 1848.  Women did not achieve the U S Constitutional amendment  giving them the right to vote until 1920.  And the struggle continues to obtain complete equality in the continued disparity of wages, among other things.

Many of these women were jailed, beaten, spat upon and demeaned in many other ways so women could have these rights.

Ms. McDonald, if you believe, as does Ann Coulter, that women don’t deserve these rights, then please quit your job today, tear up your diploma, return home to your spouse (if you have one) to do his bidding, put any property you own into his name, and turn in your voter’s registration card.

I’m guessing you are grateful for these rights, but are nothing more than an appeaser to your party’s position that women truly are just second class citizens only deserving attention because of their looks, not their brains.  Women useful to the party only because they tow the party line, rather than think for themselves.  Women who follow, not lead.

You, Ms. McDonald, are one of them, unfortunately.

She went on to say, “The public should stop wanting to see itself reflected in a leader. There is something narcissistic about that. It’s really irrelevant if a political leader has any affinity with my life. The only thing that should matter are ideas, experience and executive ability.”

That statement makes me wonder if she voted for George Bush, who was promoted as someone you could have a beer with.  My guess – she followed her leaders.

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  1. Anne Bryant

    Right on, Diana!

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