DeMint..ed Tea Party and the Constitution

Go to any site involving the Tea Party and you’ll find statements demanding our legislators “follow the Constitution,” a link to the Constitution and or calls for repeals to various amendments to the Constitution.

Yet their “leader” Jim Demit calls for banning gays and single women who are having sexual relations outside of marriage from teaching in our schools.

They call for the community center containing a Mosque in New York not to be built – although they have (finally) come to the conclusion that under our Constitution they can – because it would not be “sensitive” to Americans.  Of course, they neglect to remember that 70 Muslims died in the twin towers or that many of the rescuers were also Muslims.  They paint an entire religion as “terrorists.”

As Thomas Paine wrote in Common Sense, “in America the law is king.”

Apparently for Jim DeMint and his Tea Party cohorts – the law is king, only when THEY choose it to be so.

While DeMint calls the health care reform bill unconstitutional, he believes we should “keep the promise” of Medicare and Social Security.

In his own fund raising letter he wrote: “I believe the only way to take back our freedom is to return to the constitutional principles our founding fathers promised in 1776.”

Back to 1776?  (Of course, the Constitution wasn’t actually written until 1787, and the first 10 Amendments weren’t ratified until 1791,  but that’s another story).  Let’s see what we would be missing, if we went back to the original Constitution and kept only it’s first 10 amendments.

And then, of course, we have DeMint’s protégé, Christine O’Donnell, who has no concept, of how we get to separation of church and state beginning with the Constitution and the Supreme Court decisions confirming it.

It is beyond frightening these people are running for office and that some of them may even be elected when they haven’t even a rudimentary concept of the Constitution or how government works.

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