Occupy Marines – A Veteran’s Day Declaration

This is possibly the most wonderful idea I’ve come across, yet.  I wish it could be replicated across the nation on Veteran’s Day!

At 11am NOVEMBER 11th 2011, a small group of American Patriots and Veterans of several different wars shall be going to the Old State House in Boston where the Declaration of Independence was first posted. Within accordance to UCMJ we shall have those who can be in Uniform. As with the Declaration of Independence we shall be posting US Constitution and Bill of Rights….Afterwards we shall disperse and post the same on every court house, town hall, school, bank, church, and federal building …… We shall keep our Oath! We are combat Vets.. We are everywhere.. We can’t forgive.. We can’t forget…

And, although, this was not on the Occupy Marines site, this was posted by a friend on their Facebook page — and I just love it – kudos to the artist – I wish I knew who to attribute it to:



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  1. Well, I guess if everything is to be occupied these days, something like this is at least focused.

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