Sen. Mike Lee – The Newest Crazy to Cross the Potomac

Sen. Mike Lee is well on his way to overtaking Michelle Bachman on the batshit crazy scale.  He’s already suggested that laws against child labor are federally unconstitutional and should be left up to the states to determine.  Whoopee!  West Virginia and Kentucky can return the kiddies to the mines as soon as the GOP manages to get this repealed.  (I won’t hold my breath!)

Now he’s added to his list of “get the federal government out of state business” federal disaster relief, safety nets for poverty and food safety.

Shhh, don’t tell him the food industry will be REALLY unhappy if the have to manufacture their food based on laws in 50 different states!  Is anyone foolish enough to believe the states should be responsible for food safety?  Come on!  It would be a disaster (like our health care system) to have different laws in different states that need to be followed in order to sell food.  What if California decided no red dye #5 in their state, but it was okay everyplace else?  This would be comical if it just wasn’t sad.

As for federal disaster relief — my oh my, he’s going to be getting on the bad side of all those farmers out there who rely on federal crop insurance in case they get hit with floods or hail.  But hey, Mike, keep on talking buddy – the Democrats could use some sensible farmers voting for them, rather that extreme right wing, let’s all jump over a cliff together, GOPers.  I can tell you’re not from the Midwest – not that many farmers in Utah are there?  You see crop insurance and flood insurance have always been okay with the GOP – it’s just PEOPLE who aren’t entitled – PROPERTY, no problem.  Sen. Mike will soon be getting the message from his GOP leaders.

Safety nets, too?  States are already nearly bankrupt, slashing one program after another and, as always, taking it out on those in our society who can least afford to lose anything — but can’t afford those fabulous lobbyists to make sure they keep their share of the pie.  So if the feds can’t help and the states don’t have the money, I guess we can just do what Canter suggests we do with health care…go get some charity elsewhere.

But really, Mike, just why are you in D.C.?  I mean, there’s simply no chance in Hades you’re going to get any of this passed.  So like health care repeal, are we to assume the GOP’s role for another two years is to screw around doing nonsensical repeals and passing laws in the House and filibustering those in the Senate so none will go anywhere?   So we’re paying you and your ilk $174,000 a year to NOT work on bills that would create jobs, make the health care system better, or provide for those among us who need help during these trying times?  That’s $1.04 MILLION Sen. Lee for the next 6 years (not to mention all the side betting on the markets he’s going to be doing legally since there is also no chance in Hades that a law will be passed that prevents members of Congress from using insider knowledge to play the stock market).

Is this what those of you in the Tea Party voted for?  Nothing on the budget – the House is going to wait now for Obama to get his together – I mean, man, they really don’t want to WORK do they?  They’ve already reneged on cutting $100 billion out government.  We KNOW they’re not going to end the wasteful F35 second engine program.  It is, after all, being built in Boehner’s district in Ohio.  There’s $200 billion right there.  Money that could create a lot of other jobs or could put Medicare on the road to solvency for a while.  But then without health care reform, that’s throwing good money after bad.  All you seniors need to take care of yourselves — you can use the GOP health care voucher that Ryan wants to hand out (the one that reduces in value each year).  Unless, you are a member of Congress – the House GOPs voted to keep their “government run” health care.

Not a single bill has yet been passed in the House that creates jobs – instead they voted to repeal a bill that will create jobs.  One that could be made better – but that would mean someone would have to work (or, heaven forbid, THINK!).  Unless, of course, there is a lobbyist sitting around (undoubtedly!).

I sure am glad I’m not a member of the Tea Party – I’d be really ticked that my tax dollars are being wasted on people like Sen. Lee, who apparently lacks the common sense the Tea Party kept screaming they were looking for in a candidate.

For a look at who Sen. Lee is working for, check out his page:

He raised over $1.6 million  – and all that bad mouthing of lawyers the GOP does, you’d think they wouldn’t want their money.  These must be defense firms…I guess it’s okay to make a ton of money defending a lawsuit, just don’t make any money as a plaintiff attorney winning one.

I think I’ll go looking for a plug-in that rates who’s the nuttiest of the latest goof-offs to hit Washington, so I can keep track of them.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like those among us who need help are going to get any from this crowd.

Dist Industry Total Indiv PAC
6 Business Services $86,620 $85,120 $1,500
8 Lawyers/Law Firms $72,552 $61,052 $11,500
1 Retired $64,864 $64,864 $0
2 Leadership PACs $53,400 $0 $53,400
17 Pharmaceuticals/Health Products $42,850 $24,350 $18,500
12 Computers/Internet $40,400 $29,400 $11,000
5 Securities & Investment $38,466 $28,466 $10,000
13 Misc Business $34,350 $34,350 $0
Pro-Israel $33,914 $12,314 $21,600
22 Republican/Conservative $33,420 $22,850 $10,570
9 Real Estate $32,750 $20,750 $12,000
20 Oil & Gas $32,250 $250 $32,000
10 Commercial Banks $29,050 $8,550 $20,500
45 Insurance $22,150 $3,150 $19,000
3 Mining $21,800 $8,800 $13,000
11 Misc Finance $19,150 $19,150 $0
26 Health Services/HMOs $19,000 $11,000 $8,000
35 Home Builders $14,500 $14,500 $0
15 Health Professionals $14,450 $11,950 $2,500
21 Lobbyists $14,250 $13,250 $1,000

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