What Country Did I Wake Up In This Week?

I’m still in the good old U S of A, right? You know the home of the free, the land of the brave?

We are still the home of religious freedom, property rights, – you know all those things we hold dear? Freedom of speech, the right to bear arms, the right to be secure in our homes…those and more.

Has the heat wave sent people over the edge back east?

Or is it just this week’s politics? Of course it is. Gin up the base, send them into the streets screaming about Ground Zero and a Mosque that has been in the planning stage for months without comment…until now.

Hmmm…what else has been happening? Oh, roughly a third of conservative Republicans (34%) now believe that President Obama is a Muslim. And while Democrats aren’t calling him a Muslim, there are fewer who believe he’s a Christian. Coincidence? Probably not. Election season? Yep.

We’ve now entered the Twilight Zone or some Orwellian space in time where white is black and black is white.

Someone, please open the door and let me back into the United States!

What I find most disconcerting beyond the fact some are attacking an entire religion for the actions of a fundamentalist sect that isn’t much different (oh, I’m going to hear about this) from our own right wing Christian fundamentalists who kill doctors and blow up clinics, is that some of our fellow Americans have turned into a bunch of cowards. Or is it hate? Or are they just being used by the politicians who seek a return to power or want to keep their power?

Home of the brave, huh? Our ancestors are turning over in their graves and probably wondering why they gave their lives so we could have religious freedom and all the rest laid out in the Bill of Rights.

Apparently we’re now afraid of a 10 (or is it 13 or 15 – the building keeps growing) story building that used to be a Burlington Coat Factory now being turned into a community center that will also include a place of prayer for Muslims.

So what’s next – we move the other 100 Mosques in New York someplace else? How far is far enough?

And if it’s not fear and it’s hate – what does that say about us? As one poster on another site wrote – should we get out the chisel and hammer and start removing, “Give us your poor, your tired, your huddled masses longing to be free…?”

Or, if those out protesting in the streets are the dupes of the elected or want to be elected?  Can we be that manipulated?

And now there’s discussion of using extortion by blackballing any contractor who works on the project – what happened to “free enterprise.”

And I must ask – if President Obama was a Muslim – so what? We didn’t elect him because of his religious beliefs – we elected him because we thought he was smart enough to get us out of this mess we’re in.

For those complaining about wanting their country back – I’d like mine back, too.  One empty of hypocrisy.

Speaking of which – where is former President Bush?  Why hasn’t he weighed in?  After all he had no problem kissing a Saudi (Muslim) King on the lips and walking down the road holding hands with him.  Obviously, Muslim’s, to his credit, didn’t scare him.  As the former leader of your party, Mr. Bush…where are you?

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