Who’s Who

You can usually identify the ideology, but sometimes not.

Below are links to information identifying right/left/centrist/libertarian think tanks or groups.  This information, I believe, is invaluable in order to recognize who’s who out there attempting to make policy.  There are occasions, I’ve found, where the author of an article does not clearly identify his/her associations.  The associations with these groups or organizations must be identified and made public.  If you’d like to participate in this endeavor, add the information to this site and together we’ll build a database.  Source

Accuracy in Academia Conservative
African-American Life Alliance Conservative
All Children Matter Inc. Conservative
Alliance Defense Fund Conservative
American Center for Law and Justice Conservative
American Civil Rights Institute Conservative
American Conservative Union Conservative
American Consumer Institute Centrist
American Enterprise Institute Conservative
American Family Association Conservative
American Institute for Economic Research Centrist
American Iranian Council Centrist
American Israel Public Affairs Committee Conservative
American Legislative Exchange Council Conservative
American Life League Conservative
American Society for Tradition, Family and Property Conservative
Americans for Tax Reform Conservative
Arlington Group Conservative
Askew Institute on Politics and Society Centrist
Aspen Institute Centrist
Atlantic Council of the United States Centrist
Atlas Economic Research Foundation Libertarian
Black America’s Political Action Committee Conservative
Brookings Institution Centrist
Campaign for Working Families PAC Conservative
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Centrist
Cascade Policy Institute Libertarian
Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights Conservative
Cato Institute Libertarian
Center for a New American Security Centrist
Center for Advanced Defense Studies Centrist
Center for American Progress Liberal
Center for an Urban Future Liberal
Center for Defense Information Liberal
Center for Economic and Policy Research Liberal
Center for Global Development Centrist
Center for Immigration Studies Conservative
Center for International Policy Liberal
Center for Security Policy Conservative
Center for Strategic and International Studies Centrist
Center for the Study of Popular Culture Conservative
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities Liberal
Christian Coalition of America Conservative
Christian Legal Society Conservative
Claremont Institute Conservative
Club for Growth Conservative
Club of Rome Centrist
Coalition for a Fair Judiciary Conservative
Collegiate Network Conservative
Collins Center for Public Policy Centrist
Committee for Economic Development Centrist
Committee for Justice Conservative
Committee on the Present Danger Conservative
Commonweal Institute Liberal
Competitive Enterprise Institute Libertarian
Concerned Women for America Conservative
Concord Coalition Centrist
Constitution Project Centrist
Council on Foreign Relations Liberal
Council on Hemispheric Affairs Liberal
Demos Liberal
Drum Major Institute Liberal
Eagle Forum Conservative
Eagle Forum Collegians Conservative
Economic Policy Institute Liberal
Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute Liberal
Family Research Council Conservative
Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies Conservative
Focus on the Family Conservative
Foreign Policy Research Institute Conservative
Foundation for Economic Education Libertarian
Foundation for Rational Economics and Education Libertarian
FRCAction Conservative
Free Congress Research and Education Foundation Conservative
FreedomWorks Conservative
Fusion Energy Foundation Conservative
Future of American Democracy Foundation Centrist
Global Financial Integrity Liberal
Goldwater Institute Libertarian
Group of Thirty Centrist
Heartland Institute Libertarian
Henry L. Stimson Center Centrist
Heritage Foundation Conservative
High Impact Leadership Coalition Conservative
Hispanic Alliance for Progress Institute Conservative
Hoover Institution Conservative
Hudson Institute Conservative
Independence Institute Conservative
Independent Institute Libertarian
Independent Women’s Forum Conservative
Information Technology and Innovation Foundation Centrist
Institute for Justice Conservative
Institute for Policy Studies Liberal
Intercollegiate Studies Institute Conservative
International Center for Research on Women Centrist
James Madison Institute Libertarian
Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies Liberal
Judeo-Christian Council for Constitutional Restoration Conservative
Judicial Confirmation Network Conservative
Landmark Legal Foundation Conservative
Leadership Institute Conservative
Lexington Institute Libertarian
Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation Conservative
Mackinac Center for Public Policy Libertarian
Madison Project Conservative
Manhattan Institute Conservative
Mercatus Center Libertarian
Middle East Forum Conservative
National Association of Scholars Conservative
National Bureau of Asian Research Centrist
National Center for Policy Analysis Conservative
National Policy Institute Conservative
National Right to Life Committee Conservative
National Security Network Liberal
National Taxpayers Union Conservative
New America Foundation Centrist
New Coalition for Economic and Social Change Conservative
New Democrat Network Liberal
New England Complex Systems Institute (NECSI) Centrist
Oregon Center for Public Policy Liberal
Pacific Research Institute Conservative
Pew Research Center Centrist
Pioneer Institute for Public Policy Research Conservative
Progress and Freedom Foundation Libertarian
Progressive Policy Institute Liberal
Project for the New American Century Conservative
RAND Corporation Centrist
Reason Foundation Libertarian
Reform Institute Centrist
Resources for the Future Centrist
Rockford Institute Conservative
Roosevelt Institution Liberal
Show-Me Institute Libertarian
State Policy Network Conservative
Streit Council for a Union of Democracies Centrist
Students for Academic Freedom Conservative
The Buckeye Institute Libertarian
The Century Foundation Liberal
The Lincoln Square Institute Centrist
The Nixon Center Conservative
The Ripon Society Centrist
The Tax Foundation Conservative
Toward Tradition Conservative
Traditional Values Coalition Conservative
Urban Institute Centrist
WallBuilders Conservative
Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars Centrist
World Resources Institute Centrist
Young America’s Foundation Conservative

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  1. Mike Sigman

    You lost me on the first try.  The New America Foundation is left-leaning and always has been, despite their claim to be “non-partisan”.  Read an article or two by Steve Coll and apply your seventh-grade “is this a biased article” skills, if you’re uncertain.  I was looking to see how far Left your site put them (my first visit) and you have them as “centrist”… that would certainly surprise anyone who has read things by NAF authors.   Let me suggest a guide-post for you:  if an organization claims to be “nonpartisan”, it is almost always liberal.  Conservative sites tend to openly admit to being conservative; liberal sites like to mask what they really are, for some reason.

  2. Source:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_America_Foundation

  3. Johnd265

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  5. George Jones

    Aspen Institute is quite liberal, and Brookings is quite often liberal.

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