The conventional wisdom in Washington, D.C. seems to be you can gin up any issue and sooner or later the mainstream media will pick it up (and they do!)…issues don’t matter, most political pundits are looking for winners and losers – not an in depth discussion of an issue.

What we get is spin, spin, spin.  Language used against us to dumb down a complicated issue into a three word bumper sticker slogan that solves not a single problem and more often than not is used to confuse, rather enlighten.

Divisive politics are good for keeping us divided so those in power or those seeking to return to power can be re-elected.  Over the last 30-40 years, however, they haven’t done much for the 98% of the population that is getting poorer by the day.

It’s time to get off this merry-go-round.  If we want to hold our elected officials accountable, the first step is to disavow the spin by recognizing it for what it is, dismissing it as spin and pivoting to the real issues that need to be solved.

To achieve this we need to be able to first identify the spin and respond to it.  I’m not an expert here, so I’m hoping those of you who find your way to this site will join me in this endeavor.

Knowledge is power, so to fight the spin and discuss the real issues affecting us, we need to know what is going on.  The resources page of this site will hopefully contain information we can all find useful.  Suggestions for this page are also welcome.

And while these can sometimes be heavy topics, humor should play a role in our political discourse.  The ridiculous should be recognized for what it is.

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  1. Congratulations, Diana.

    I just took a tour of your website and, not surprisingly, it’s great. I became an instant fan of yours from the moment I came across your writings on my own site. Your articulate, no-nonsense approach to politics are both refreshing and welcome.

    Best of success!

  2. Thank you, Mario. Your comments are very much appreciated. I am very much a fan of yours – I only wish I could be as succinct!

  3. It is refreshing to see that America still has some sane people out there. After reading articles on your site, it’s almost like you’re reading my mind. I agree that knowledge is power. In fact, sometimes it seems like those who are suppose to represent us want to keep us in the dark and dumb because stupid/naive people are easier to control. I started my website earlier this month as a way to vent my frustrations because I can’t seem to get thru to most of the people around me. They either don’t care or don’t want to be bothered with “politics.” Kudos to you for speaking out!

  4. Hope

    I’ve just signed up as a member of your site. And I’ve added you to my blog roll. I have a friend whose motto is “fighting fraud through communication and education” – that motto goes for politics as well – communication and education – together we can change the world.

    • Thank you for signing up and adding me to your blog roll. I’ll do this same once I tweak my site some more. This is a first for me, so I’m learning as I go along. Your friends motto is spot on. There are many things we can do when we stand together!

  5. Charlie Sommers

    You are one of my favorites on Mario’s site and after looking around here I plan on visiting regularly. You are a highly perceptive and very intelligent lady and I wish you the greatest of successes.

  6. Allen McPheeters

    Disappointing. The name of this site is “Politics Unspun,” but from a brief review, it looks more like “Politics Spun Left”.  For example, on your Who’s Who list, most liberal sources contain a link to that organization’s Wikipedia site, but most conservative sources have a link to the (liberal) People For the American Way’s Right Wing Watch web site. Your blog posts seem to be completely aimed at attacking Republican policies.  You are, of course, entitled to your own opinions, but don’t pretend to be unbiased or “unspun”.

    • Diana McGinness


      The GOP has has some great ideas in the past.  Cap and trade, Obamacare, immigration reform, EPA and many more.  When they rid themselves of the political fringe now in control of their party, I’ll be much nicer to them.  Until then, I have nothing good to say about them.  They need to return to a party willing to govern, not one willing to disenfranchise voters so they can return to power.  

      By doing so, they are no longer worthy of respect.  And they’ll get none on this site until they do. 

      If you’d like to prove me wrong then feel free.

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