Media Bias

Regardless of the “leaning” of any publication or any article contained therein…always read with a critical eye.  If the article is a fair accounting of facts, it should be free of ideology.  If not, I’d recommend some additional investigation to confirm the veracity of the information being provided.  Source

The American Conservative (conservative)
The American Prospect (liberal)
The American Spectator (conservative)
The Atlantic Monthly (liberal)
The Brown Spectator (conservative and libertarian)
Business Week (middle)
The Cato Journal (libertarian)
Chronicle of Higher Education (non-partisan)
Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture (paleoconservative)
Commentary (neoconservative)
Commonwealth (non-partisan
Democracy Journal (progressive/liberal)
Dissent (liberal)
The Economist (middle)
First Things (Christian conservative,)
Foreign Affairs (non-partisan)
Harper’s Magazine (liberal,)
Human Events (conservative)
Human Rights Quarterly (liberal)
In These Times (liberal)
Jewish Currents (Jewish left)
Liberty (libertarian)
Lilith (Jewish feminist)
Lumpen (art and politics)
Maclean’s (Canadian) (middle) – international
Moment (Jewish-diverse)
Monthly Review (socialist)
Mother Jones (left)
Multinational Monitor (liberal)
The Nation (liberal)
The National Interest (conservative / libertarian)
National Review (conservative)
The New American (John Birch Society’s magazine)
New Politics (liberal)
The New Republic (center-left)
The New York Review of Books (liberal-left)
The New Yorker (liberal and non-partisan)
Newsweek – Newsweek and The Daily Beast (middle w/ liberal and conservative contributors)
Politics and Society (left)
Policy Review (center-right, published by the Hoover Institution)
The Progressive (left)
The Progressive Populist (liberal)
Public Opinion Quarterly (non-partisan)
Reason (libertarian,)
Yale Scientific (middle)
Sojourners Magazine (Christian)
Tikkun (Jewish-left)
Time (middle)
U. S. News & World Report (middle)
Utne Reader (liberal)
Vanity Fair (liberal)
Washington Monthly (center-left)
The Washington Quarterly aka TWQ (non-partisan)
The Weekly Standard (conservative)
Wilson Quarterly aka WQ (non-partisan)
Scientific American
Z Magazine (left)
Z Net (left)


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  1. Bud Carlson

    Good morning Diana McGinness,
    I too am retired and I now spend a lot of time on the computer.  In doing so I happened to run across your excellent site while I was looking for information on Foundations.  You have just what I was looking for on your Media Bias page with a list of about 155 foundations.
    However, there has not been any new information since October 15th.  I can imagine that operating in competition with the 24 hour network news can be a huge chalenge.  Hope you are well and will continue with your outstanding web site.
    I will be back and I hope there will be more up to date information.


  2. Thank you, Bud.

    And you are correct, needed to do some updating.  I’ve added a few more – a few that are a bit more obscure, but you can’t have too much information.  

    After returning to work two years ago, I’ve not been as active here as much as I’d like.

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